If you hear nothing, that strongly indicates that the fuel pump is bad. 6/8/21 Informed by Asst. I bought a new battery and the same thing happened a few months after that. Could a subterranean river or aquifer generate enough continuous momentum to power a waterwheel for the purpose of producing electricity? Replace them as needed. Automatic transmission. These sensors should trigger a trouble code if they have a problem through. CarComplaints.com is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. used door to replace it. SAFETY ALWAYS before financial gain. Pre-owned Hyundai Tucson models are available with a 2.7 L-liter gas engine or a 2.0 L-liter gas engine, with output up to 173 hp, depending on engine type. The GLS and Limited provide a larger, more powerful 2.7-liter V6 engine that produces 173 hp and 178 lb-ft of torque. The brake lights didn't always illuminate when the pedal is pressed. I would trace the wires that have the ON position in common. Than a few days later it completely died and won't start. The complaints are organized into groups with data published by vehicle, vehicle component, and specific problem. Really not sure what to do here. So this is a known fix, good, I'm planning on buying a tuscon tomorrow (yeah instead of the tiburon) and I plan to ask if they keep the clamps instock if they could be replaced upfront. Dont be too hard on the garage, if a vehicle is not a main stream or popular model, and they see very few of them in their shop, they are not in a position to carry a full complement of tools. This seems to be a common problem with Hyundai tucson. 3. 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe 33,798 mi, Visitor. took the car to a number of mechanics and we havent had any issues with it I also have two big dogs and they have never complained about the lack of room.The body and interior still look like new. The GLS adds body-side cladding, foglamps, wider tires, a CD/cassette/MP3 stereo, upgraded upholstery and a front wiper de-icer. KOREAN tires wore fast, I replaced with Michelin Harmony and now General Altimax..wonderful ride. Great handling and visibility in all weather. A clogged fuel filter will usually start by reducing fuel pressure. We also had a problem with the car not turning on, but we Viewed 461 times 3 I have a Hyundai Tucson 2011 directed injected diesel which has just broken down. I was informed the transmission has to be ordered before it can be replaced. I put the car into park and restarted it, and it worked fine after that. The fuel pump may be going out sporadically. Once you have identified a used vehicle You should hear a whining noise. And from a financial perspective, it's true, provided you're willing to make Battery Draining While Driving: Hyundai Tucson If your battery is draining while driving, it is almost without exception the Tucson's alternator that is causing the problem. Haha did they atleast tell you what the code was? It sounds like a fuel delivery problem. These come loose and may corrode when they get moisture. This also looks similar to my problem. A "knocking" sound coming from the general vicinity of a car's engine is pretty much never a good sign. 1-Power loss hyundai tucson: Flow meter problem. How to fix a car that shuts off while your driving down the street. while on a road trip two years ago, the car started gurgling while driving on a highway and then stalled. I sure will check that harness when the rains stop. If anyone else has an issue with the TUCSON please add a complaint - the more complaints the sooner the recall. It is on the left side of the dashboard between the steering column and the door. Although its engines aren't as strong or refined as those of some competitors, the 2006 Hyundai Tucson is competitive in all other respects. Here is a more detailed list of the signs of limp mode to look for: 1. Ill ask my wife if she remembers anything higher monthly payments, pay off the loan in full and keep the car for a few years. Hi I have a 2012 Elantra limited and Ive been having the same problem. If . Also, when the car dies, does something that is run off the ACC position still run? My 2006 Tucson has died on me several times, mostly during deceleration (at stop sign, pulling into parking space) and has been in the shop for 2 weeks while they work on it. When the engine knocks, the computer has to remove ignition timing which reduces power and makes the combustion a bit safer for the engine components. Does have some road noise but I always play radio anyhow. After parking the car and locking the doors, so all lights are off, the headlights and taillights have gone on randomly and drained the battery. You could find a used Leaf pretty cheap and probably still afford a Jeep as your fun car We use cookies to analyze & improve your experience, & to personalize content and ads. 102022 Ninja ZX-6R 131 HP | 636cc 92023 Z1000R 142 HP | 1,043cc 82006 Ninja ZX-12R 178 HP 72019 Ninja ZX-10R SE 197 HP | 998cc 62023 ZH2 SE 200 HP | 998cc 52023 Ninja ZX-10R 203 HP | 998cc 42019 Ninja ZX-14R . She said the car just died. Good luck running down what is causing your battery to drain in your Hyundai Tucson. Source: Consumer Reports Hyundai Tucson Used Value The only thing that I got is that I am having exactly the same issue. It's also good if you're someone who likes to drive a It could be a bad battery, or more likely a bad battery cable too. battery. If it has a grey color body, replace it with the newer black color TPS. what happens majority of time is when rolling to a stop, the engine will shut off about same time you finish stopping. The sensors themselves are cheap (~$40 or so each), but putting them in will cost you a bit if you can't do it yourself. Moreover he has pointed me to this site and told me to contact them and see if they can help me. Coasted to side of road . 6/28/21 Working with Consumer Affairs about wanting a buy back on the vehicle. Research, browse, save, and share from 41 vehicles in Estacada, OR. 6/21/21 Vehicle still not ready. 2. #1. This can get extremely time consuming to chase down, and thus expensive. Step 3: Fuse Information With Photos. Hyundai Tucson Reliability Compared to Similar Cars Consumer Reports rankings detailed below is based on the model's newest three years, the Hyundai Tucson sits at on top, with a great score of 87/100, at least 7 points higher than the rest of the vehicles. Common symptoms include: the engine has no power when you press the gas pedal, and engine RPMs will not go past 2000. That would be an indication as to whether the ignition switch is on its way out. Has anybody had a similar problem? I was in Germany driving on the highway for about 3 hours and the engine suddenly locked up. Cost to drive estimates for the 2006 Hyundai Tucson GLS 4dr SUV (2.7L 6cyl 4A) and comparison vehicles are based on 15,000 miles per year (with a mix of 55% city and 45% highway driving) and energy estimates of $3.51 per gallon for regular unleaded in North Dakota. Last night while returning home, driving my wife's 2005 Tucson, 2.7, the engine shut down while driving. Most of the time, its the battery itself causing this problem. Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. While this generation did better in crash tests than pre-2010 models, it did poorly in the IIHS narrow offset crash test. Maybe it will help keep it away from the manifold. Hyundai tucson stalling while driving. I have contacted 2 dealerships in the area and both have said they have never heard of it and that they would probably not be able to diagnose it. 6/7/21 Vehicle was cut off while driving on busy 2 lane road. Ive had several diagnostics run since then, and nobody finds anything. are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, All rights reserved. well, maybe luvbug will get some positive feedback for us. symptoms, car has cut out during driving at 40 mph, the driver noticed at the same time as the engine died, the immobiliser light became illuminated on the dash, an attempt to bump start was made during the car slowing to a halt but no restart possible. When a transmission is cold the fluid doesn't work as well and can result in jerkier movement. Told me I needed a new battery and a couple of spark plugs. It can save you a lot of time. The contact stated while driving 70 MPH, the vehicle would not properly accelerate. Get notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the. Lee-15970 and Lee-2562 appear to represent the same person because: Same name, both died in Leiden, S Holland, on 8 Jul. 2022 hyundai tucson engine frequently misfires or, because of how quickly it up shifts, the engine lugs because the transmission is in too high of a gear and so it goes down the road jerking all the way until it gets high enough rpm to stop lugging. RECALLS! When Hannah Pontus was born in 1623, in Leiden, Holland, Netherlands, her father, William Pontus, was 38 and her mother, Wybra Hanson, was 34. Generic Doubly-Linked-Lists C implementation. Dropped at dealership and they seem baffled but i have read many issues that have been posted on the internet with this same issue Posted by stephenbarns on May 20, 2015. . I was easing up on the gas only slightly as I was getting ready for a lane change. Hyundai contracted out the fuel pumps and many of them failed on the road. Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, and our products. So, if your Tucson ran fine at low RPM, but stumbled when pressing the gas, a clogged fuel filter could be a possibility. Also, the 2006 to 2011 Hyundai Tucson is part of a huge recall affecting 1.7 million vehicles for a bad stop lamp switch. Find aused certified pre-owned Hyundaifor sale. light appears on the dashboard when it dies. In this case, its usually fuel. This can instantly get your steering wheel locked up while driving. THE EGR VALVE. have never looked back. The problem is that my daughter drives this car to school 20 miles a day and is afraid to drive it. Car Service Estimate Shop/Dealer Price; 2020 Hyundai Tucson L4-2.4L: Service type When I slow down and stop the car, engine shuts off Inspection: Estimate $114.99: Shop/Dealer Price $124.99 - $132.49: 2018 Hyundai Tucson L4-1.6L Turbo: Service type When I slow down and stop the car, engine shuts off Inspection: Estimate $94.99: Shop/Dealer Price $105.01 - $112.52: 2008 Hyundai Tucson L4-2.0L If it passes the test, its time to move on to the alternator. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. Available transmissions include: 4-speed shiftable automatic. (I have always brought my car to the Hyundai dealer for repairs). Other likely problems would be the battery, alternator, battery cable, wiring harness fault, crank or camshaft position sensor. What positional accuracy (ie, arc seconds) is necessary to view Saturn, Uranus, beyond? Hyundai Tucson died while driving; will not start. Just about anything that would cause an engine to stop should leave some type of error message - unless, of course, the culprit is the ECU itself. I was able to restart but it would die again. If you did see the warning light, have the alternator and battery tested at the parts store. Last weekend, we took a weekend trip about a 100 miles away. If your Hyundai Tucsons battery is draining, its something thatll need addressing right away. Indeed, this valve has a habit of clogging up the more time passes or caused by a "quiet" driving of your Nissan Xterra. kelleys island events, wane weather 15 closings and delays, wayne newton grandchildren,
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